Dr. Vikas Kumar Singh
Entrepreneur | Author | Vice President IBD - Skinella

Dr. Vikas Kumar Singh is a global marketing strategist and author. He has a doctorate in business administration from Lucknow University and also holds a degree in law from the University of Delhi. Dr. Singh believes in continuous learning and is currently pursuing a course on international business analytics and market intelligence from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi. Vikas has over two decades of experience leading international businesses and has global exposure in the marketing of multiple FMCG products and commodities globally. A few years ago, he left the corporate world, and now he follows his passion to help small exporters and brands go global. He has a keen interest in Greek philosophy and believes that historical lessons can benefit all of humanity. Dr Singh has authored two books: "Return Ticket" and "The Pink Beagle," and is currently working on a new book that will help entrepreneurs transform their businesses through ancient wisdom.