Vandana Srivastava
Happiness & Abundance Coach , Spiritual Buddy, Founder Director | MindMiracle

Ms. Vandana Srivastava is a renowned Hope and Happiness Coach. She is an International Master of Law of Attraction and Abundance, Vibration Therapist and an acclaimed Cosmic Healer. Married to an Air Force Officer, having travelled across India and abroad, she has transformed many lives. Her speciality is Emotional Wellness and removing hurdles in life. She does wonders with Infertility, Anxiety, Terminal diseases, Career and Financial issues. Her expertise as a Relationship Counsellor has saved many marriages and brought behavioural changes in many children.As a renowned Theta Healer, she helps one clear past life curses and Karmic accounts, making the present life joyous and smooth. Vandana works across conscious, sub-conscious and un-conscious levels of individuals to address the root cause of human miseries and address the challenge to overcome it. She say’s ‘Cleansing of Consciousness’ is the first step to re-boot your life.