RJ Purab
Digital Creator | Radio Jockey - Red FM India

RJ PURAB - Kanpur’s morning Kick Starts with RJ Purab’s Morning No. 1 show where his sense of humour, and witty liners, keeps your ear glued and you just cannot tune out of it. He has a way of his own dealing with current and local trending topics and events. Apart of his on –air presence he has a unique way to make people laugh through his “Car Fooling” car prank videos on YouTube and Instagram. Rj Purab not only brings issues small or large into the knowledge of Authorities but makes sure that people of Kanpur are also aware of their surroundings and latest happenings. In Kanpur or out of Kanpur you can catch the flavour of Kanpur city through his content on –air as well from Digital Platforms.