Naina More
Mental Health Expert | Lifestyle & Parenting Coach | Writer | Social activist

Naina More ,a Lifestyle and Parenting Coach, psychological Counsellor, Writer ,Social activist and a mental health expert. She is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Certified trainers in public speaking and life skills and holds a certificate in psychological counselling.“ Mental fitness has been so under rated in our country. People strive to look good from outside but they ignore the importance of feeling good from inside”. She wants to spread awareness about; ‘mental fitness’ and it being as crucial as physical fitness for a healthy and happy life. She has Completed a Successful Season of live show ‘Zindagi Aapki hai’ with Bengal’s leading news channel ‘Taaza Tv’. Recently she has written a Research paper for an Anthology Book named “How to overcome Failure’ which has been much appreciated. She has been on the cover page of the magazine ‘Women Fitness India’ for her extensive contribution to spread mental health awareness and also featured in most Reputed ‘Femina Magazine’.